Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro - Airport (BPS)

Porto Seguro - Airport (BPS)
Estrada do Aeroporto, 1011, Cidade Alta, Porto Seguro, BA, Brasil

Tel: (73) 3288-4326, (73) 99954-8443 - WhatsApp.

Transfer Instructions

After leaving the landing terminal, go through the right side, towards the taxi stand and wait. Our pick up vehicle is identified with the brand Foco and will arrive between 10 and 15 minutes and take you to our store, on the outside lane in front of you.

For your convenience, check the location of our Transfer through your smartphone: aluguefoco.com.br/en/transfer

If necessary, call the store's direct phone number: (+55 82) 3342-2723 or (+55 82) 99646-6305, to contact us through WhatsApp: (+55 82) 98863-5819 or call our 24/7 Call Center: 4007-2109 (local call cost).

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