1. Minimum rental age of 18 years.
      2. Must have passport /or identification card.
      3. Must have valid driver's license.
      4. Must have valid credit card for guarantee referring to the vehicle protection franchise value.
      5. For modifications in the dates and/or schedule of the rental it is necessary to contact the company with 24 hours in advance.
      6. In case of airport pick up, please inform us the number of your arrival flight.
      7. Reservations can be canceled 48 hours in advance with no charge.
      8. The vehicle may only be used in Brazilian territory.
      9. All contractual clauses are in included on the rental contract delivered to the renter during the pick up.
      10. General data and documents analysis may be required upon picking up vehicle at the store.
      11. Unlimited kilometres for rentals of 28 days or less. For rentals with duration of 29 days or more, the kilometres are limited to 4500 kilometres per rental. Additional kilometres are charged at R$ 0,45 per quilometre.
      12. If the total value of the reservation is greater than that of the guarantee of the specified vehicle category, the total amount of the reservation will be charged upon pick up of the vehicle.



    1. Security Deposit: The renter must present a valid credit card under his name, with available limit for the block of security deposit. The amount of the deposit required by the rental company will be blocked on the renter's credit card (not charged) and unlocked within 72 hours after the drop off of the car. The security deposit can be retained by the rental company in case of damages in the vehicle. No third-party credit cards, check, cash or deposit are accepted for guarantee;
    2. LDW - Partial Protection: Protection against damages in the vehicle caused by collisions and/or accidents and thefts. The renter will be charged a franchise value/co-participation (up to R$3,000.00 in case of damages in the vehicle and up to R$6,000.00 in case of thefts or total loss).
    3. Exempt of coverage: The protections don’t cover damages to tire, radio / CD player, windows, windshield, upholstery, accessories, scratches in the vehicle, vandalism and misuse by the renter. Damages caused by the use of stickers and excess load that damage the vehicle, as well as driving on unallowed and/or without traffic conditions roads are also not covered by insurances.
    4. Use of Insurance: In case of sinister, the renter must contact the Assistance Service of the rental company and present the Occurrence Report.