Foco was born under an entrepreneur dream: we started our operations with just one vehicle, we worked hard and captivated a legion of customers. Today we are at the main cities of the country, serving Thousand of clients every year.

Since our foundation in 2002, we noticed that renting a car by internet was an amazingly complex task. The atendance used to be completely mechanical, the care with customer was left in second plans and yet prices were charged disproportionately expensive. Was senseless for us charging things that customers didn't valued. So we came to change this scenario!

We are proud about changing this experience making internet car rental service possible, we turned all the proccesses simple, fast and with fair prices. We paid attention on the real necessity of people that rent cars. This is the strength that runs in our DNA, we invested in what really matters for our customers: to rent excelent cars with an high quality service.

Our success is the proof that we are on the right way.


Grow, enchant and innovate in mobility.